Rent-to-buy (Rent before you buy)

Popular since the early 80’s, rent-to-buy is a very attractive way to ensure you make the right choice when buying your Italian home.

How does it work?

Mr. Smith is interested in moving to italy and buying a property in Sefro. He has a budget of €500.000.
  • Rather than paying for the property outright, Mr. Smith takes up the offer to rent/lease his favourite property for say, €2,400 per month (this price includes all expenses) for a fixed period of 6 months.
  • From the beginning of the agreement a price for the property is ‘fixed’. If the property value increases or decreases over the next 6 months, it will make no difference to the end cost to Mr Smith.
  • The property is fully furnished and equipped, with the value of fixtures and fittings established when signing the lease.
  • This ‘rental’ price is greater than a typical rental rate as the amount paid will be deducted, in full from the value of the house when Mr Smith goes ahead with the sale.
  • Three months into the agreement Mr Smith and his family have got to know the area very well and have made many new friends in Sefro. He confirms he wants to buy the property,
  • The final three months of the agreement consist of all the legal obligations and processes involved in buying an Italian property.
  • Mr Smith is now the proud owner of the ‘right’ property for him and his family.

Why do it?

You get the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the local environment, culture and neighborhood services as well as everything to do with the building itself.

You get to make the right choice, at the right price, with no surprises.
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